Welcome to Connect with heART Society - Monthly Membership!

With your Monthly Membership you have the opportunity to explore different themes with the focus and intention towards connecting with heART in ALL creative ways possible! 

Do you need more creativity, self-reflection and community connection?  

In these uncertain times, are you perhaps feeling a bit lost, and disconnected?

Do you want to find your creative spark AND feel connected to yourself and others? 

Do you sometimes wonder if it is even possible to find this connection, embrace your shadows AND feel full of creativity and joy without spending huge amounts of time and energy?!

At times, life feels like taking one step forward and three steps back. I sure have been there and at times felt as if I almost drowned in feelings of disconnection, distraction and a sense of knowing there is more but "where do I start"?

If this resonates with YOU too, come and join us!
With a Monthly Membership you can participate as much or as little as you like, and attend any available sessions you want. Plus you can join whenever you are ready and leave when you feel like.

What we offer you:

➝  Creativity
➝  Inspiration & Motivation
➝  Accountability
➝  Guidance
➝  Like-Minded Community 
➝  Challenges

The community is open to everyone who would like more creativity, self-reflection and community connection.  If you are one of the many people who feel not 'creative' - I would encourage you to join! 

What is included each month:

➝  Two Creative Coaching Sessions, individual and group hot-spot coaching to meet you exactly where you are at
➝  Resources Library
➝  Weekly Therapeutic Art Activities
➝  Private Group to Connect with others like you, who want to engage in a healthy dose of self-reflection
➝  Member Discount towards Challenges + Programs
➝  Guest Healers + Speakers
➝  Inspirational Interviews 

Once you have registered as a Member, you will have access to the online community where you will find resources, recordings and the list of upcoming virtual events. 

Just remember; there's no fluff. No messing around, just a super fabulous group of people who are striving to connect with heART on a daily basis and will support you to switch from feeling disconnected to heART inspired. That's it.

We are looking forward to welcome you!
Join us now!
"It always amazes me in sessions, how quickly we bypass the 'thinking' brain and get to the heart of what is really going on. Sessions always feel like she is a gentle guide, holding my metophorical hand, allowing and holding space for understanding and transformation and intuiting the direction for healing. Such a gift."