Courage [ kur-ij, kuhr- ]


  1. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
  2. the heart as the source of emotion.
Interesting and fascinating that the second meaning of Courage, as shown in the dictionary, has become obsolete. The heart as source of emotion, holds such a deep and beautiful meaning. This is where the wisdom is. This is where our guidance lies and where we can find the resources that help us towards healing. This meaning becoming obsolete may well be why so many of us are feeling lost and less than courageous.

I am here to support you to find courage within on your path to healing and be guided by your heart, be guided by your emotions. You can then support others to do the same and together we can create a ripple effect so big that the 'heart as source of emotion' will become common knowledge once again. 

Vivian uses an artistic medium to explore the unfolding of the emotional and mental planes.  She has been a wonderful friend and enlightening teacher in my life.  As a person who values integrity and honesty,  I would stake my reputation on Vivian’s innate ability to be a guiding light for those who are seeking a path through distractions to connect with their true being.

Maureen Smith-Tan

I have attended  Vivian’s group art therapy class and cannot recommend Art therapy with Vivian highly enough.  I initially felt a little self conscious at my lack of art ability, yet soon discovered no art experience was needed in any way.   Vivian creates a calm and welcoming environment which together with her skill and intuition definitely make her classes a journey worth taking.


Having worked with Vivian several times I can comfortably say she is pure inspiration!  It is her ability to bring her gifts and skills to the fore, so that she can assist you on your journey, AND put it into practical application, that is well and truly worth your time with Vivian. Not only is she a fabulous artist and therapist, her ability to assist me to grasp and apply practical and every day tools has helped me with my own creative expression, knowing who I really am, and how I can assist others.  This has been invaluable!

Michelle Lewis