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I have clear memories when, as a child I used to spend hours and hours creating and re-creating, using all sorts of materials to give shape to my creative expression. Fabric, string, clay, pencils, crayons... my love for mark making started very early. 

When I used to visit my dad at work, my very, very favourite moment was when he opened up his stationery drawer and let me play with paperclips and markers, envelopes and highlighters. Ah! It was pure bliss to me :) 

That love for stationery has never left me. And over time there has been the addition of art materials. Now I can't live without either. Yes - I try not to collect more than I can use, and seriously limit myself these days. But there are certain art materials EVERYONE needs to play with. 

I'll share them below. 

In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this page contains affiliate links, and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (no extra cost for you).


Absolute Favourites

These Neocolor II Pastels have exceptional covering power and can be used dry or wet, on a wide variety of materials. Love them. 


High quality pigments of light-fastness and brilliance and the pigments dissolve completely when brushed with water.

Traditional Japanese watercolour, utilising colours that are vivid and opaque. Paint is smooth, not granulated, and dries with a slight shiny finish.

A range of watercolours that are made to high quality standards. 45 Colours.

Mungyo set contains 48 assorted colours, that are vivid and brilliant, made from finest materials.




Micro Serrated titanium shears, with non-stick coating. The BEST scissors EVER.

You can paint with POSCA on most surfaces and layer over other mediums. Water-based pigments ink, strong UV resistance and quick drying.

Permanent ink markers, make marks on most surfaces, i.e. paper, plastic, metal and more.

Gelly Roll Set of 3 with brilliant white tone, water-based pigments. Consistent ink flow, lightfast, and does not fade.

These artists pens contain pigmented India ink that is archival, acid free, smudge-proof and waterproof when dry.



Whether you are right- or left-handed, the spiral provides better drawing & writing experience, easily flip the pages over. Paper 200gsm.

Canson Imagine - thick, acid-free, mixed media paper, perfect for both for dry and wet techniques. Paper 200gsm.

Two distinctive surfaces - textured on one side, smooth on the other, suited for all dry techniques such as charcoal, pencil and pastel. 90gsm unbleached Kraft paper.

Cool sketch book, with expandable inner pocket in the back. Moleskine ivory paper 120gsm. 

Portable comfort zone: be creative on the move, wherever you go. Elastic closure - Moleskine ivory paper 200gsm.