Transpersonal Art Therapy


There are times in life when things are smooth (or at least fairly smooth) sailing and then there are those other times when the seas feel rough and the waves get huge. At times you may feel stuck, and you just can’t seem to find your next step forward. Perhaps you don’t know which direction to go in terms of your career or family, or you have a sense of being held back in other areas. 

Throughout life we may experience the same or similar issues. It is like the narrative seems to be repeating itself, possibly in a slightly different shape or form. No matter how much we talk about this stuff with close friends, partners, family or even counsellors, we cannot seem to shift perspectives and blockages.

Have you ever found that when you regurgitate a story, it becomes more and more true in your own mind? Art Therapy can offer you another perspective and help you see things from a different angle. 

This quote by Pema Chödron sums it up beautifully:

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication. We don't use art as a diagnostic tool but as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing. 

The creative process of art-making in itself is healing and life-enhancing, and can help us to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, find clarity and inner resources, manage behaviour, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, achieve insight and more. 

Clients may have a range of difficulties, varying from spiritual to emotional, and mental to physical and/or behavioural problems.  Art Therapy is certainly not limited to only being used as a healing modality within mental health settings. Neither is the use of Art Therapy limited to a certain age group, but it is widely applicable across all members of society.

 Work with me



When we work together, it is important you are transparent and honest with me, and more importantly with yourself. Remember at all times that we are working in a safe space.

The process is intuitive, safe and I journey right alongside you, to those places within where you need to go to obtain healing or guidance, as needed.


Sometimes all we need is a simple nudge to keep going, at other times we may need to listen to deeper passions or long forgotten dreams and callings.

You might find the need to connect with different aspects of your Self, parts which have not been heard or listened to for a while.

The next step could be to find ways to integrate these parts so you can become whole again. Using a variety of art mediums we can explore what things would look like.


My approach is client-centered. During sessions we dig deep into our Toolboxes (yes! both yours and mine!) and may use a variety of art materials, from pastels and oil crayons to paint, mixed media, items from nature, collage, clay, essential oils and more.

We find ways to get in contact with the subconscious part of our being and bring unknown and helpful resources back into awareness. 



I attended Vivian's 6 week art therapy group earlier this year and absolutely LOVED it! I cannot recommend Vivian and her offerings enough. Vivian is not only an experienced and knowledgeable Art Therapist, but an extremely kind and generous person. Throughout the 6 weeks Vivian created a safe environment for us to show up authentically, however that looked on the day! There was laughter, tears, paint, clay and so much mutual support in our little group. I have also attended 1:1 appointments and a number of Vivian's public events. Art Therapy is now officially part of my regular self-care routine and I feel lucky to have crossed paths with this special soul.



Thank you Vivian for a soul nourishing day.  The collective art piece was the standout for me today.  We had the space to create our individual piece and then had the opportunity for each of us to add to each other’s art work.  It all seemed to flow so beautifully. I left feeling so inspired and am truly grateful to have connected with beautiful ladies.  Vivian, The thought and attention to detail you put in to our gifts is so appreciated. Thank you. 


Everything you do Vivian is magic! I get so much from spending time working in your groups. You seem to attract people with a vibrancy and special energetic frequency that really lend to whole grounding and healing process.



Thank you Vivian for all your wisdom and thoughtful touches to make the day so special. 



Thank you Vivian for such a wonderfully replenishing and creative day. I don't often treat myself to this much "me" time, and have not been feeling very inspired for my own creative practice lately. The gift package was beautiful - so thoughtfully collated and presented and I loved the relaxed unfolding of the day. The collaborative painting was a stand-out for me, and it is so special to have pieces painted by each of us. I feel I can move forward with the journal - I did some more when I got home, using some special pictures and words people have made for me in the past. It was also very helpful to see a different way to do the writing. I felt it became integrated as part of the art. Thank you, and very big hugs, for helping me get that creative flow going again! And such a beautiful group of women, too.


Having worked with Vivian several times I can comfortably say she is pure inspiration!  It is her ability to bring her gifts and skills to the fore, so that she can assist you on your journey, AND put it into practical application, that is well and truly worth your time with Vivian. Not only is she a fabulous artist and therapist, her ability to assist me to grasp and apply practical and every day tools has helped me with my own creative expression, knowing who I really am, and how I can assist others.  This has been invaluable!



Thank you SO much for the workshop yesterday Vivian and for holding us in such creative and warm way.

I felt so nourished and filled up by the experience and inspired to keep working on my journal at home. 

The feeling of collaboration and connection between all of us by the end of the day was very special and I think that it came from the collaborative painting that we did together plus sharing that lovely soup! 

I'm still reflecting deeply on Bear medicine and how to integrate that into my life xx


For general enquiries and questions, or to book an art therapy session, please email: [email protected]