Visual Journaling with Heart

Journaling and Emotions 

-self paced program-

Are you tired of not feeling in charge of your own emotions or do you get stuck in certain emotional states?

Are you ready to feel creative and alive again?

Are you willing and open to trying new creative ideas and keen to explore and get started?

In Visual Journaling with heART you will learn everything to get started with a creative practice. From making our own unique hand-bound journal (if you like, alternatively you can use a store-bought journal) to creating simple backgrounds, collage and using different mediums.

Please don't feel intimidated, this course is for everyone, and there is no need to be familiar with art mediums. Everything is laid out step-by-step! 

For those new to Visual (or Art) Journaling, this is the start of an amazing creative journey,  and for those already familiar with these awesome creative tools, a continuation and deepening of their skills.

What is included?

Feel inspired, connected with your own Creative Spark and learn techniques and ideas to carry with you in your tool box!

  • Make your Own Personal and Unique Hand-Bound Journal
  • Learn to Express Yourself through Visual Journaling
  • 8 Extensive Modules
  • Exploring Your Creative Voice
  • Emotions & Self-Expression
  • Printable Resources
  • Worksheets
  • Access to Instructor via Email
  • Tools & Supplies Recommendations
  • Art Materials Suggestions
  • Art Therapy Techniques
  • Self-Care Ideas
  • Goal Setting 
  • Self-Paced
  • Unlimited Access


This is the right program for you if ..

- you are ready to set yourself up with the tools needed to develop creative confidence and to navigate the density of the energies we live in

- you want a self-paced course to dip in for inspiration and step-by-step whenever you want

- you are not afraid to face challenges head on, and are willing to look at some of the reasons you are holding yourself back

- you are open and willing to explore, to stuff up, and learn from your stuff-ups

- you are keen to try on new ideas

Disclaimer: this is NOT an art class.

What People Are Saying:

Having worked with Vivian several times I can comfortably say she is pure inspiration! It is her ability to bring her gifts and skills to the fore, so that she can assist you on your journey, AND put it into practical application, that is well and truly worth your time with Vivian. Not only is she a fabulous artist and therapist, her ability to assist me to grasp and apply practical and every day tools has helped me with my own creative expression, knowing who I really am, and how I can assist others. This has been invaluable!


Thank you SO much for the workshop yesterday Vivian and for holding us in such a creative and warm way. I felt so nourished and filled up by the experience and inspired to keep working on my journal at home.


I feel I can move forward with the journal - I did some more when I got home, using some special pictures and words people have made for me in the past. It was also very helpful to see a different way to do the writing. I felt it became integrated as part of the art. Thank you, and very big hugs, for helping me get that creative flow going again!


$197.00 AUD