Visions Forward | Breakthrough

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of your current mindset and unlock the power of your innate potential?  

-> Discover the power to heal your Self 

with the help of a professional transpersonal art therapist and mindset coach ❤︎

Coaching from the heart

Join a Coaching Program unlike any other, where guidance is intuitive and where you get to discover the power within yourself to transform your life!

With skills in the arts and healing, spiritual and wellness spheres, I’ve helped people with all sorts of problems – involving the mind, emotions, body and spirit.

People come to me when they are facing an emotional challenge, when they feel stuck mentally or spiritually, or just seem generally “off-balance”.

Sometimes my clients know what the problem is. A lot of the time, they don’t.

What they do know however is that they’re feeling down, unwell, tired, disconnected, lonely, mentally exhausted, physically unhealthy, emotionally wrecked.

They just know that they want to feel better. Be better. Get through life better.

And I show them, that change is possible. For them..

And for you.

You actually have your own powerful healing energy to take care of you.

You have ALL the resources to heal you could ever need within you!

Sometimes though, you need a bit of help.

But that help doesn’t have to involve years or even months of therapy.

Or feeling broken. Or not worthy. Or that something is wrong with you because you're not seeing results. 

In fact, the solution is always within you. Somewhere inside of you.

You know the answer.

If you would like to understand how you can start healing your soul, empowering your mind and living with purpose, through a totally natural, simple and safe way such as personal coaching.. this is for you.


As my client, you will be supported  to: 

1. Get super clear on your purpose and vision – do you know WHY you’re working towards your goals? Do you know your strategy to achieve them? Life without purpose and vision is what causes confusion, stress and even depression for most people. I’ll help you re-discover these missing keys.

2. Discover how to cope with, and/or make changes in any area of your life - whether it be work-life balance, finances, health, relationships, business or career. Oftentimes, once you make changes in one area of your life, the ripple effect will continue.

3. Eliminate your fears so that you tackle life with full confidence - know that no matter what happens around you, you will have the inner strength to deal with absolutely any challenge life throws your way.

4. Get REAL results, much quicker than doing it on your own - have you had enough of saying you’ll change, but you find yourself falling back to your old patterns and old thinking? When we work together, we won’t just talk about it... Our work together will result in real, lasting change, faster than muddling through it by yourself.

5. Keep yourself accountable by someone who is there for you - as your coach, I’ll keep you on track. You’ll receive personal one-on-one guidance from me, helping you to achieve your goals every step of the way. I will believe in you, even when you don’t.

6. Learn how to work with your OWN intuition – do you remember having that gut feeling telling you which direction to take next but you feel like your intuition is not guiding you as strongly as it used to? You will be guided and supported to reconnect with your intuition.


✔︎ 6 Weeks Individualised Breakthrough Guidance and Support
✔︎ 6x 1:1 Coaching Calls
✔︎ Printable Worksheets
✔︎ Access to Healing heART Hub (value $147)
✔︎ Voice Message Support
✔︎ Afterpay Option Available 

Sessions are all online, therefore a good internet connection is required.


What People Are Saying:

Visions Forward is absolutely worth the highest price! I received much more than what I expected. At the start I had no idea how to resolve the space I was in, but every session delivered deep insights and practical ways to move on in my business and life.


You have great questions to really get to answers on a deeper level. The visualisations and meditation helped me understand how to process stress held in my body. You are great at creating awareness in the mind and body and I loved our art therapy days together.


$997.00 AUD