Hands | Past and Present

art activity creative therapy transpersonal art therapy Mar 31, 2022

This therapeutic activity is super simple, easy and can take you on different journeys. It might provide you with more perspective as to what is happening in your life and where your main focus and values are. It might help you see what changes to make, and the things you'd like to invite more into your life. 

The exercise can either be used during a time of transformation, or to help make sense of your past and present self.

Materials needed:

- Pencils, markers
- Journal or A3 paper
- Watercolours

Using a pencil or marker, trace both your hands. One of them represents the past and the other one the future. Fill them with images and colours that are representative of these times. In every finger you can write a couple of words that represent any goals, intentions, feelings, important people and so on.



These hands can provide you with a peek into your past, and see what your present may be like in comparison. You may even start to realise some things you want to leave behind or what you want to attract more of.

When you are finished, ask yourself some questions and reflect.

- Are certain colours ONLY visible in one of the hands?
- Is there a theme that comes up for you? 
- Do the hands overlap, touch, or are they separate?
- Is there anything visible around the outline of the hands?
- Do the feelings, goals, intentions and important people show in both hands?
- What gifts would you like these hands to offer? 
- What would these hands like to receive? 


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