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Yes!! These are ABSOLUTELY my favourite art medium ever. 

When you have a look at the short demo video, you'll see that you can do so much with them, and this is only a snippet of what is possible. You can really maximise the pigments and creaminess of these crayons in your art work, whether it be added them to mixed media, playing and blending with watercolours, use them dry, they are truly awesome. 

They might look like simple oil crayons, but are much more versatile. Even though they are wax, they're water-soluble and amazing to use, they're creamy, super vibrant - yet you can dilute them. The pigments in these is incredible, and you can do SO much with them.  The Caran d'Ache Neocolor II water-soluble crayons come in a range of 84 colours. 

Here is their colour chart:

They come in different packs, of 10, 24 and so on, but I love the tin of 84 because I like to have access to ALL the colours! In some art supply stores you can buy individual crayons as well, although I haven't come across that in Australia. I've had a small tin of 40 for more than twenty years and have only ever needed to replace 2-3 of my favourites. More recently I was gifted (forever grateful!!) a beautiful tin of 84 and they just make my heart sing. 

Lots of mixed media artists use them and they are great for using in art journals, or on any other type of mixed papers and textures.

One of my favourite artists Lynne Hoppe uses these as one of her mediums and she creates amazing works.

'genevieve's very fine morning' ~ acrylic paint, soft pastels and neocolor II crayons on canvas panel, 4" x 6" - Lynne Hoppe

Now, these are not to be confused with the Neocolor I, which are not water-soluble, and more of a usual wax-crayon. The colour of those is fabulous too, but what makes the Neocolor II so unique and special is that they can be used with a lot, a little or completely without water. So you have ALL the options.

How can we use this medium in Art Therapy?

They're fabulous to use in Art Therapy, in circumstances where our client feels the need to practice some control over the medium, whilst being able to let go and be confidentin letting some of the emotional load that is being carried dissipate. 

In addition to letting things go, it is also a great medium to call things in from the 'unknown'. Whether this be lost aspects of our selves, situations we have had no control over in the past, things we may not have a say in presently, or anxious feelings about 'what may be'.

Their 'water-soluble' quality can also be used when a 'solid' issue needs to find a more 'fluid' way. 


'Calling in lost aspects of Self ~ watercolours, and neocolor II crayons on 300gsm, A3' - Vivian Paans
I love how simple and easy these crayons are to use, it's relatively quick to create a layer of colour, work over the top, as well as adding fine lines where needed. People that are hesitant using watercolours (and there could be many underlying reasons for this) are generally quite happy using Neocolor II water-solubles. They are a very clean medium, and have a paper wrapping that can be ripped off in pieces. 

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Find Caran d'Ache Neocolor II here!

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